Grief Counselling

At some point in every life - loss occurs.

With loss comes a multitude of feelings and experiences we think of a grief. Loss also brings change - from the life you lived before the loss and the journey you are compelled to travel after. Each one of us is different in how we experience our grief and as such, the journey of grief and mourning is personal. You may be experiencing life as though you are walking through a dense fog, feel like you are function like a robot, or find yourself unable to stop crying. Alongside this, you may have low mood, feelings of overwhelm, acute pain, anguish and/or numbness. One moment you may feel OK and the next, you may be feeling completely taken by a sudden burst of emotion. Grief can feel like riding the waves of uncharted territory without a captain on the ship. Skills and talents that you used in other areas of your life may not be accessible to you nor seem as effective.

Grief Counselling can support and guide you through understanding and processing grief whether it is from an expected or unexpected loss, and whether it is sudden or anticipated. Each of us experience grief in a unique manner and by seeking support, your grief counselling will be structured in a manner that suits your unique needs.