Individual & Family Counselling

Individual Therapy

Individual counselling and psychotherapy is a powerful treatment for individuals who are experiencing emotional difficulties. Counselling and psychotherapy helps people to discover, investigate and work through life’s challenges including trauma, major life transitions, losses, and the resulting overwhelming feelings, stress, & relationship or family challenges, with the goal of improved relationships and increased general well-being.

Every individual is unique and there is no one therapeutic technique that is right for everyone. I offer therapy using evidence-based techniques that are uniquely tailored to best suit your needs. The goal of individual therapy is to enhance your ability to manage your feelings and behaviors, and to develop the insight to make positive choices. In a compassionate, safe and supportive environment, I work with you to develop realistic and achievable goals while equipping you with tools to cope with stressful experiences and life transitions. I support my clients in moving forward in their lives with renewed effectiveness, improved communication and improved emotion regulation skills.

Family Therapy

Family therapy works towards creating a family environment that is both stable and peaceful. This approach views the family as a unit where each member’s thoughts, feelings and behaviours impact the family as a whole.

The goal of family therapy is to develop and strengthen resources and help family members work together as they implement solutions to their problems. This is achieved through improving communication and problem-solving abilities. Each member of the family will learn how to best support the others and develop patterns of relating that foster understanding and unity.